v2.11 install into non default webroot abnormality

Hello All,

(This also has happened in previous/2.9 install of FreePBX)

When installing FreePBX v2.11 into non default the freepbx gui web address sort of works but /admin and /recordings have to be copied from non default to actual webroot /var/www/html for the non default webpage to display.

Example: I need to install to /var/www/html/freepbx due to having my own website already existing,in the default directory of /var/www/html.
In the amp_install i define to install into the /var/www/html/freepbx and all does install there .but when launching this directory/freepbx and redirects to /var/www/html/admin and dosen’t display.
So my workaround is to simply copy the /admin folder “up” into /var/www/html. I also have to do the same with the recordings folder as well.

Sidenote: This same behaviour happens when installing the unsupported motif/google voice connectivity module as well.

Thank You,