V15 Restore of Large Backups Behavior

I am wondering has anyone tried to restore large backups to v15? I’ve been running into issues with it giving 500 server errors or dying out in some part of the process when the file is larger than 5GB, So far the largest I’ve gotten to work a backup around 4.2 GB.

This would be v13/v14 restoring to v15.

Restore large files via cli

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While that works it doesn’t work right. I’m uploading a restore of a v13 machine with CDRs and in the GUI you can opt to use the Legacy CDR setting for converting the CDRs. However, the CLI does not give you that option. It determines the backup is a legacy backup but then doesn’t set the Legacy CDR setting.

Determining backup file type…type is legacy
Legacy CDR Restore Option: 0

That should be a 1 to show it’s a Legacy CDR restore, instead the restore of over 1GB of data (just the CDRs) is done in milliseconds and nothing is imported properly. When I did a 5.5 GB backup of the data through the CLI the same thing happened, all the other data was restored and the CDRs were ignored.

Yes, there is a CLI restore option: https://wiki.freepbx.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=91357370#fwconsolecommands(15+)-RestoreLegacyCDRusingcommandline


But more generally, if a backup feature like this were missing, it’s the type of thing that would be prioritized as a feature request. As a project philosophy, we want to see as few barriers as possible to prevent people from being on a supported version.


Cool thanks. That did the trick, it’s restoring the CDRs right now. Should be all good.

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