V15 Intrusion Detection - Unable to add IP address to whitelist

I got an IP address which keeps getting banned and need to whitelist it. As soon as I try to add the address into the Whitelist field box, it turns red, and the “Save Intrusion Detection” becomes unable to click.

I have even tried removing one IP address then adding the one I need, but it still turns red.

Any ideas?

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Same here. Can we only change this through the Firewall module now?

I wonder if the red is because it doesn’t like the format of the IP address

I tried it on a second FreePBX 15 server and it only has in it. As soon as I move the cursor in the text area, it places it at the end of it. I have to press space to move over to type in a new IP address. As soon as I do that, the text box turns red.

It looks like the input validation for Whitelist when using the legacy setup is very picky. You must have one IP address per line, and IPv4 must be in a format:


No spaces are permitted. When the box turns red indicating an error, you can continue typing until it’s fixed.

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Oh, that explains things. It was changed then. The legacy one has it all on one line (even after it has been updated), and that is what I was trying to do. Maybe a tooltip would help with that with others.


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