V15 API, has anyone experience with App/verification

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Hi, I am currently developing a mobile phone app where users can login to my server with the phone app.
I have the app working however:
I am not sure how to implement the user extension/password token verification to ensure the extension and passwords are valid, I would be happy to pay for someone to help me.
I have upgraded my server to v15 as I see it now supports two API types: Restful and GraphQL
If there is someone who has experience in doing this please contact me.
Many thanks Tony.

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FreePBX 15 is still in beta, which means there aren’t yet a lot people who are really familiar with the API. I guess your only option as of now is, Sangoma.

Also, not sure if you have already looked at it, but the documentation seems to be very good.

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Hi, PitzKey,

Many thanks for your reply, I have looked for the API documentation and only found some very basic
information, could you by any chance give me a link to your source of docs.

I may have to pay Sangoma in the end but as my needs are pretty fundamental I thought maybe someone else may have been down this development path.

Thanks again
Tony Cross

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Thanks very much

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