V14 Backup File Size compared to v15 Backup File Size

I have a few PBX’s running. All on v14. After upgrading to v15, I am noticing that the backup file size is significantly smaller now.

When I setup the backups for v14, I followed an online guide on what to add to make sure that all system recordings and voicemails were backed up. On v15, I have all mods set to backup.

For example, I have one system that, on v14, had a backup size of 2.77 GB. After upgrading to v15, the new backup size is 160 MB.

Another system, v14 backup is 125 MB and new, v15 backup, is 65 MB.

I can’t seem to find out if this is because it is not backing something up that I had backed up before or if it is just much more efficient, which is hard to believe.

Hi @mikeaph Backup & Restore in 15 is completely different than it used to be in 14. Every backup job in 14 gets migrated to 15 formats so you might want to check your 15 backup job settings to re-confirm it’s backing up all your required data. Please refer to https://wiki.freepbx.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=114852215 for more details or how to check your backup job configuration.

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Yes rather than doing huge database dumps I designed backup to allow each module to essentially build out a json file. Each json file is a couple kilobytes usually. This is much faster and as Kapil mentioned allows cross version restores which you couldn’t do previously.

The old backup module was piece work across 4 major releases and had a lot of spaghetti code. I rewrote backup from the ground up to be feature compatible but allow more storage options by abstracting storage to a new module called filestore. This again allowed feature compatible storage and added things like dropbox and the new Amazon S3 api. Smaller files and speed were definitely a goal. The restore of an older backup actually processes the old database dumps again each module handling its own data. This data is then put in place. That said older backups take a bit longer to restore. When writing that I tested backups all the way back to FreePBX 2.11 though to play safe the compatibility was set to 13+.

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