V13 to V15 Restore Questions (Love the V15 backup module!)

So far I have had success restoring a V13 backup to a V15 system. I have two questions:

  1. Can I take a full backup from a V13 system that was built using the HA distro and restore it to a V15 system where I no longer want all the HA partitions?

  2. Can I take a full backup from a V13 system and restore it to a blank V15 system that does not have a deployment ID yet or do the deployment IDs have to match?

Great job on the updating backup module!

Hi Mark

  1. Yes. However there are HA specific settings in Asterisk SIP Settings you will want to revert post restore.
  2. Yes. However there were reports that commercial module config was not restored when a restore was done on a system without those modules licensed. I believe these tickets are all dealt with now, but not 100% sure. Something to watch for.
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Great. Once again a fantastic update to the backup/restore module. Well done to those at Sangoma who wrote it.


I think this all works now. The last problem I had was forgetting to install the commercial module prior to the restore. Pure pebcak

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I never tried this. I always restore to an activated system. Then I release the activation on both systems once I am ready to go live and put the original activation on the restored system.

It’s the culmination of considerable resources spanning years now. First starting with @jfinstrom up to today where work is largely by @kgupta1 and his team. It’s been months since I can recall seeing a major backup issue in the bug tracker.

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I can attest to that. I recently did our first ‘large critical PBX’ restore from v13 to v15. It restored almost everything including data from commercial modules.

(There were a few minor issues, such as it didn’t restore a custom path in the / directory. A small issue with paging pro. But could very well be it’s on me. I’ll keep an eye on future migrations)

Overall, very smooth. Thank you guys!


Agreed, I was shocked when an OLD V13 backup restored to a V15 with almost no issues. System recordings seemed to transfer but did show an error on the GUI regarding a language but I can work with that.

Can anyone confirm if commercial modules still need to be installed and activated beforehand for that data to transfer?

On that PBX we only use commercial modules that is installed by default. So if you have a commercial module that isn’t installed by default, then I think you’ll need to install it prior to restoring the backup.

Once the restore is complete, you activate/migrate the license.

Installed, not activated. If they are installed, the SQL database tables will exist for the data to be restored to. It will not be usable in the GUI until activated, but it will be restored.

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Mark restored a v13 system for me, and the custom recordings had to be uploaded again. They were showing as having a missing file, even though Mark saw them in the system as files.

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