Using: Voicemail Reports

We have installed the commercial module: Voicemail Reports
It is working well. In fact, it is a nice module with some cool features.
We like it.

Is it possible (using) VM-reports: to “UPLOAD” a .WAV file to be used as the unavailable greeting for an extension?
This way: the office manager can make greetings for extensions without having to speak into a phone (example: *98) then follow the prompts to do the task.

If not using VM-reports: is there another way to upload a specifically designed .WAV file as the unavailable greeting for peers?
We did not want to SCP or FTP them: rather do this using the UI (so any staff can do it).

Thanks for your reply.

That’s a core feature of the voicemail module using UCP. Login as user and upload sound files for the various greetings and FreePBX resamples as necessary for the proper format.
Voicemail - UCP - PBX GUI - Documentation.

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Thank you, Lorne!

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