Using the FreePBX Conversion Tool

I need to move a FreePBX to another cloud server. The original FreePBX is version 13 and the new one is version 14. I used the migration tool in the past and I know that it works fine, but I have a question:

The target FreePBX needs to be activated. If I deactivate the source FreePBX to activate the target FreePBX, will it still work ? I can’t remember if I did this when I used the tool in the past.

Ok I think I’ll go the Upgrade to 14, backup and restore path.
According to How to: Upgrade FreePBX13 to FreePBX14 on Hyper V - Guide , the migration tool does not transfer system recordings, Sysadmin and Endpoint Manager configuration. Also, I would have to export the CDR manually also.

I transfered a lot of system using the backup-restore from same version to same version and I know that it works fine.

Thank you

no it doesn’t. You can do that manually. I used winscp or filezilla

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