Using the Day/Night Control with a Time Condition

Overriding a Time Condition with a feature code is a request that has been asked for since as long as Time Conditions have been available in FreePBX. It comes up regularly on the forums and there have been many custom versions implemented and posted to solve this problem. We have introduced a Day/Night Control module to provide this ability as mentioned in an announcement a few weeks ago.

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Is this module only available for 2.3?

yes - we do not keep adding modules and extending features on the stable release after some amount of time. We don not want to risk creating unstability in the current release and in addition, we need to create enough enhancements and motivation for people to move to the next release because it is a lot of effort to continue to maintain multiple stable releases once 2.3 comes out of beta.

I absolutely understand discontinueing development for previous versions, I was just checking since I have a user asking for this now on a 2.2 system.