Using Sangoma Connect (Mobile) and/or Sangoma Phone (Desktop) on Multiple Devices

It appears that I CAN login to the SAME User Extn via the Mobile & Desktop Apps simultaneously on multiple devices (ie. 1x Windows PC & 1x Apple iPad).


It appears I CANNOT login to the SAME User Extn via just the Desktop App simultaneously on multiple devices (ie. 2x Windows PCs)
It appears I CANNOT login to the SAME User Extn via just the Mobile App simultaneously on multiple devices (ie. 1x Android Phone & 1x Apple iPad)

The ‘Max Contacts’ setting for my Extn (increased to 10 while testing this) is high enough to have multiple endpoints, just not when those endpoints are either the Sangoma Connect Desktop or Mobile Apps.

Is this a deliberate restriction within these Apps or am I missing something ?

It is deliberated. A softphone license lets you log in into the mobile + desktop + deskphone(s).
Multiple mobile clients is not supported. Multiple desktop clients on the same extension is also not supported.
The multiple contacts will let you login with many deskphones or sip based softphones, like microsip or Zoiper.

Clearly this is a technical/design restriction, not licensing one (My PBXact licence allows use of Sangoma Mobile & Desktop App on multiple devices smultaneously, just not when they point to the same User/Extn). It’s also another lost feature/behaviour when comparing the current Sangoma Connect Apps against the previous Zulu based ones.

Despite this being a disappointing restriction, I thank you for the clarification.

There are similar solutions in the marketplace that enable multiple device registrations per user and can be integrated into your FreePBX setup. That is the beauty of a solution like FreePBX. You can find solutions that fit the way you do business if it differs from what exists in the product today.

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Thanks Preston, I do have the thing to which you speak & although it may not have the particular restriction this thread relates to, I believe it’s currently missing a number of features I value. I do hope they appear at some point.

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