Using OSS EPM to provision Cisco IP Phone 7821 3PCC

hi guys,

After a long time I came up with some new thing to do.

I have 3PCC Cisco 7821 IP Phone which I need to use with auto provisioning method.

I am using OSS EPM because this 7821 model is supported in it.

but the Cisco IP Phone 7821 3PCC has no entry for TFTP provisioning.

How to provision this phone and how to create a profile rule.

Try specifying the protocol in the profile rule. So, tftp://server/path/to/file

it’s not working

I have rebooted the IP phone but still blank.

Do you see any incoming traffic from the phone to the server?

no I have not setup any trace yet.

no traffic coming from the phone to the server using tftp

tftpd being ‘trivial’ wont honor ‘basic Http Authentification’ add verbose logging to your tftpd server_args and watch your /var/log/messages log, make sure your DHCP server has awarded your phone an IP address and watch for traffic on port 69 which your ‘DHCP options’ should be using for tftpd provisioning (other protocols are possible)

I am using the manual method for now. like setting up the phone manually with static ip.

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