Using Multiple Channels


I am new to freepbx. Got everything set up pretty nicely and am really enjoying it! Thank You. The one thing I would like to know if possible is to use the extra channels I have with my sip provider. I have twelve 3 line phones set up and all of them have 1 extension registered. The trunk I am using supports 5 channels. I can use the first line on the phone to make and receive calls however the other two lines or channels can only be used for outgoing calls. If someone calls me and I’m on the phone it doesn’t go to the second line or channel. Is there anyway to do this?

Thank You!

Did you enable “call waiting” on the extensions ?

yes call waiting is enabled.

Then what exactly do you mean by “channels” ? Normally you have DID’s that are inbound and need to land somewhere, I assume you did that (but that might be my mistake how did you set up your 12 phones with three channels each they only usually need one SIP connection each)