Using FreePBX with stripe

We are in the process of establishing a VoIP Telephone Company in the UK. We have successfully secured our domain name through Cloudflare. We aim to implement a system where individuals can submit their details via Stripe. This information would then be transferred to our PBX, resulting in the creation of an extension. A user profile would also be generated in the user management module, granting access to the FreePBX UCP.

Welcome. If you have questions, you can ask them here. FreePBX is not inherently multitenant. How large are you planning to grow and what services are you going to provide customers.

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As @comtech said, welcome!

You probably don’t want to use FreePBX for what you are trying to do. Further I am not aware of any system that will be a turn key solution for you outside of some hosted cloud platform. Maybe Sangoma would have an option but otherwise you are talking about a lot of custom development to handle what you need it to handle for customer management and billing.


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