Using Freepbx for Multi-Party Calls

Hello. I am currently developing software that integrates IP speakers supporting the SIP protocol using Freepbx. However, when making calls to multiple IP speakers through my software, only up to three (not certain) connections are established, allowing for broadcasting audio.

I’m inquiring about ways to connect calls to more speakers in the following scenario:

  1. Methods to increase the number of targets that can be called simultaneously.
  2. Although I have configured a Ring Group, when one of the numbers in the group answers the call, the rest of the calls are terminated. I am looking for a method to connect calls to multiple speakers through a single representative number or a specific number for broadcasting.

Assuming that this is one-way paging (people can’t talk back to the speakers and be heard by the caller), the limit should be much higher. Create a page group of five speakers, call in and confirm that at least one doesn’t play, paste the Asterisk log for the call at and post the last eight characters of the URL.

Sounds like using multicast might be a better option? It’s my understanding (and I could be wrong) that using paging groups is only recommended for less then 10 member extensions. Basically creating all those call bridges at the same time taxes the system. Using multicast doesn’t have that limitation.

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