Using FollowMe only for external Calls (from Inbound routes)

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(I’ve had about the same problem before and the solution I then suggested wasn’t a really goo done…)

Is there any way to have calls only going to FollowMe when this call is coming from “the outside world” (DID/Inbound Route) but not for internal calls?
Someting like this:
0. Extension/User 123 has FollowMe configured to go to 124 after e.g. 10 secs.

  1. External Call to User 123’s DID -> Call goes to 124 after 10 secs.
  2. (Internal) User 125 call 123 -> Call doesn’t go to 124

I know that this is not what FreePBX is meant to work, but we have people complaining again and again that they don’t want internal calls - especially in (Blind) Transfer scenarios - to go to the FollowMe-Destinations.

Any help would be appreciated!

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w5waf: I’ve already tried this a while ago, see Ticket 3729 “Follow Me as Destinations”

In earlier versions you used to be able to send an inbound route directly to follow me, but that option doesn’t exist now.

Perhaps you might want to file a Bug Report/Feature Request and see if the developers might add it back in.

Hi pwalker, did you find a solution to that particular problem ? I am experiencing the same need: if someone from outside call’s a particular DID and the target person isn’t there the call is forwarded to the recepcionist. I can achieve this by using follow me. Unfortunately this also works for internal calls too… and i want to prevent this issue.

I am not not very confortable with custom context’s so if that can be avoided it would be great.

I can achieve it by using a ring group for each DID but it doubles the amount of DID that i have (one ring group for each DID).

Thanks in advance

Sorry to Bump that…
But am I really toe only one having the need for this?

I’ve been trying to implement this by hacking a modified findmefollow Module and moving the relevant part of the [ext-findmefollow] context out of [from-internal] to the [from-did-direct] context. But this seems not to be the way to go…

I also had a look at the Custom Context module (which I’m not particularly fond of, btw.) but this also doesn’t seem to be solution…

Any suggestions how to do this, anyone?