Using EPM to configure a line button for an account residing on a different server?

We have two PBXs (300S) running a current versions of FreePBX, Commercial EPM and S300 endpoints. Currently, users that have extensions on both systems have two endpoints on their desks. One extension in the 5xx range going to PBX A and the other in the 6xx range going to PBX B. I would like to consolidate these users to one endpoint using the line buttons. I was able make this work in test by manually adjusting the endpoint configuration files but that is a PITA and not scalable.

My question is, is there a way to use the Commercial EPM to configure a line button for each account residing on different servers?


  • Jim

Its a custom extension in EPM:

Thanks! I completely missed that… I even have it working with some old legacy Polycoms.