Using Counterpath credentials on more than one deployment


Hello All,

Is it possible to use the same Counterpath API credentials on more than one FreePBX Distro machine? From what I can tell it looks as if no harm can be done as long as I keep the extension prefix unique across all the machines that would share this credential (box 1 would be 999 as the prefix, box 2 would be 998, box three 997, etc.). The only thing it might do is throw-off the “Limits” count since I am unsure if the in-use count comes from counterpath or from FreePBX. I understand the total purchased count does come from counterpath via it’s API.

The reason for this is the simple fact that my end users may not meet the requirement of the 5 minimum purchase quantity or they may not want to maintain another account (the counterpath account). Basically I am trying to act as a reseller like I do with all the other FreePBX add-ons.

Any reason this may not work or is there a reseller option in the works? I appreciate any feedback on this idea.


(Jim O Brien) #2

Hi Eric,
This isn’t something we’ve tested (extensively or really at all).

The approach seems valid as the FreePBX module currently focuses just on user provisioning so all attributes that it sets on our Stretto platform are set per user. I think you’d want to make sure that the usernames are unique, but perhaps the extensions could overlap because the extension is provisioned as the sip username and the unique bit of users for Bria Cloud Services is their username within FreePBX.

The other item to arbitrate would be how many devices each user consumes… Just so that one user doesn’t use 5 devices if the plan was for each of 5 users to use 1 device.


Jim O



Thanks for the quick response. After reading your response I decided to dive in and buy some subscriptions. I added credentials to two FreePBX boxes and observed exactly what you described. The username portion of the login is the problem. The only way that would be resolved would be if more than one group could be assigned to a CCS portal account. The FreePBX module seems like it’s well suited to let the PBX admin set the group parameter (Login Information field) in the general configuration section. It looks like it pulls the Login Information dynamically right now via the API. Any indications if more than one group will be allowed in the future?