Using chan_dongle causes notices about lost frames and sound issues

(Rusangl) #1

I installed chan_dongle in RasPBX (raspberrypi 3b, debian stretch, Freepbx, asterisk 16.15.0, Huawei e1550 with firmware 11.608.12.00.143).
Inbound calls work perfectly, but when I call from SIP to GSM the GSM-party doesn’t hear the opposite side for about 10-12 seconds. In the logs I see nothing special except something like NOTICE: translate.c:597 ast_translate: 492 lost frame(s) 493/0 (slin@8000)->(gsm@8000).
No matter what codec I use.
I would really appreciate it if anybody could explain what does this mean and how to solve it?

(James Zhu) #2

Have you tried to config the codec of HW side?

(Rusangl) #3

As far as I understand you have no choice on the dongle side.

(James Zhu) #4

Please make sure gsm format has been installed and reconfi the order of the codecs from freepbx.

(Rusangl) #5

The codec is installed and configured. In this case GSM is a codec of the sip-party. The same happens with alaw, ulaw, or any other codec. Slin (wich always comes from the dongle) is also enabled, but I don’t know sip-clients that can use it.