Using Broadcast or Appt Reminder for polling


An association wants to automatically poll members on a single question once per month. It would be a small message with a simple Press 1 if you agree and Press 2 if you disagree.

We have the Broadcast module, but I have no way of reporting on how many members pressed 1 or 2. I had thought Appointment Reminder might work, but I was told reports are in a called yes or no format and I wouldn’t be able to report on key presses.

Reading the admin guide for Appt Reminder the option “Instructions:” says Press 1 to Confirm press 2 to Cancel. Is there a way of having this in my report? How do dr. offices get reported on canceled appointments?

Thank you for your help,

Appointment reminder will supply a report with the following fields:

Name,Phone Number,Appointment Date,Called Date,Status

You could convert this in to something useful…

The calls are also logged in to the database so you could probably put something together with database pulls.

I contacted support on this because it’s confusing. Support says “Status” only reports if the person was called or not. I check CDR report and can’t see where it records me pressing 1 or 2. I’m not sure how it can’t report on the confirmation or cancellation though because that’s what a Dr. Office needs to know. Anyone have a sample report I can see.

Status options should be:

Confirm, Cancel, Re-Schedule, Operator, No-Answer, and Pending.