Using Asterisk/FreePBX to play ambient music over SIP speaker until intercom needed

I am setting up SIP speakers to use strictly as intercom/paging speakers

I would like to have them play music while waiting to be used for paging. Is there anything within Asterisk/FreePBX I can look into that would be the correct way to do this. I couldn’t find much online for this. I found how to add hold music and different methods, but nothing that seems to work with an SIP paging/intercom speaker that auto answers.

I could only find auto-answer playback type setups

You would have to have some way is overriding one page with another. IIRC there was a way to define priorities for multicast pages, so one multicast page can be prioritized over the other, but I don’t remember if that was a brand dependant feature.

The music should be a multicast. Then the page can be either a call or multicast depending on the speakers capabilities.

Is multicast a function built into freepbx web interface gui or am I going to have to set this up manual?

My opinion - you’d be better off setting this up as a separate service.

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