Using and configuring FXO

hi everyone,
Just installed my first trixbox on an old pc and everything is working out of the box.

i have two FXO boxes laying here (Linksys SPA400 & Micronet SP5052A V2) and i would like to use them with my trixbox i just setup.

my setup however, would be different than the usual setup. i already have analog telephones connected to a central and i wish to continue using them as it is. but i would like to be able to use a SIP provider (i use Poivy myself) for international calls.
my basic understanding is that i must connect my analog systems to my trixbox using an FXO. For using SIP, a user must dial a number, say 8 to be connected to FXO>trixbox>SIP provider.
my question is how do i go about doing this? i did a little bit of reading and this is my general idea about what should be done, please correct me if i am wrong and tips are most welcome:

  1. connect a cable coming from analog PBX to FXO box.
  2. on analog PBX assign a number to the cable just connected, im my case i assigned 300.
  3. in trixbox create a new trunk connecting to SIP provider (i already managed to do this after half a day messing about, yay)
  4. create a trunk to FXO box (have now idea how to do this)
  5. create an incoming route to divert all calls to SIP trunk

Good morning, why would you install trixbox, an unsupported, out of date, abandoned project then come to FreePBX site for support?

If you install our distribution that includes genuine FreePBX someone may be inclined to help you.

Depending on what FXO card you have the trixbox drivers are so out of date it might not support it.

Hi Skyking OH, i actually posted my question on TrixBox forum first but then you said i have better luck on other forums/builds!

to answer your question, i installed Asterisk first but ran in to problems with simple configurations, couldnt even get two sip phones to work and call each other! im sure it something i did wrong but trixbox worked out of the box so thats why i use it. my knowledge is very limited (as you can tell), so im making it easy for myself!

if you have any advise suggestion i can try it on both trixbox and asterisk

You need to go back and read what I wrote, I never recommended Asterisk, I told you another Astrisk/FreePBX distribution such as the FreePBX Distro or PBX In a Flash.

trixbox is an old version of FreePBX painted green so you should be familiar with the interface.

SkykingOH, i guess you are right! but i had no luck in other forums as well which is why i came here!
i will look in those two distributions as well see what they offer! to be honest there seems to be so many distributions that im getting a bit confused what is going on!
to come back to my initial problem, i managed to make trixbox work with my SPA400. so i would be happy to post my solution here if anyone needs it.

Please understand that the trixbox people took the FreePBX code, put their name on it, painted it green, promised the world then abandonded the project. Since their repository is abandoned your trixbox is a ticking time bomb.

I recommend that you consider either the FreePBX Distro or PBX In A Flash. Both are current and relatively reasonably supported.

i had a look at freePBX and it looks very promising. i guess i will try installing it this weekend!
back to my initial question, this is what helped me configure the SPA400 with TrixBox/FreePBX.

here is the instruction:

  1. Login to SPA400 as Admin
  2. in the “Administration” menu, set SPA400 to factory defaults
  3. In the “Setup” menu set static IP address, netmask, gateway, dns, ntp server and timezone.
  4. In the “SPA9000 Interface” set:
  • USER ID: 9000 (DON’T CHANGE IT!!!) - everybody changing it to spa400 - I don’t understand why? I telneted to SPA400 and look at the configuration. In my opinion it can’t work if you change it.
  1. Set SPA9000 Address to Discover Automatically.
  2. In the Voice menu set Preferred Coder
  3. Login to trixbox and create trunk.
    Trunk Name: spa400 (or whatever you want - this is only a name)
    PEER Details:
    allow=alaw (or ulaw - it’s depend which Preferred Coder you set in SPA400)
    user=9000 (it’s USER ID in SPA400)
    host= (ip address your SPA400)

Register String:
[email protected]/9000
Incoming Settings - leave blank.
Set Inbound and Outbound Routes

Thats it!

i am working on DISA in Freepbx and able to make call back service in which if i call to my pbx it will disconnect my call and call me back then it will convert my call to DISA and after giving password i can make call to any destination mean in this i am paying call charge for only my PBX and my issue is that if i am calling from my mobile, after call back when i am in DISA it is giving me dial tune but i am not able to make any call from my mobile because of dial tune do you know how to use DISA from mobile access.