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I would like to integrate my current ADSL phone line and connect it so that it calls my VoIP phones using inbound and outbound trunks, just like a SIP Trunk from a VoIP provider. After doing some research I found out that I need a special VoIP ATA. I know that this may not be advised by anyone however it would be great if anyone could help me if anyone knows how to do this.


You can buy any FXO device. You can read instructions for one of the available devices here:

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Would this product be classed as a FXO which can be used for using an ADSL phone line?


they work well enough, keep the ADSL filter in line on the line port though. You can set it up so your old phone plugged into the phone port works in pass-through fashion


My general experience is that one line FXO devices like that one perform poorly. The only exception that I’ve found to that rule is the Obi devices (which are now Polycom). If you can find an Obi 110 or 212, they will work.

But, I still think you’re better off using either the Grandstream or a Sangoma Vega FXO gateway.

As with all things, you get what you pay for!!

I will also say that I kept an FXO line for about 8 years after I adopted VOIP, but finally concluded that SIP was reliable enough. I dumped my last FXO, which I had kept solely for potential 911 calls (and thus never used) more than a year ago.

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