Using an ATA as a Trunk

We are looking to use an ATA as a trunk for a customer line.

I had been reading that the SPA112 from cisco isn’t quite as good as the older spa2012.

Is there a recommended ata to use as a trunk?

When you say a trunk, you mean you want to use it to receive calls from outside? If so the SPA112 isn’t what you need. That is for connecting phones, faxes, etc to a sip server.

It sounds like you want to go the other way, connect the sip server to MaBell (the PSTN).

Agree with mpelchat, you are taking with those devices digital to analog and you want to get a sip gateway to go the other direction.

Thats exactly what we want to do. We’re going to try out a Sangoma Vega 50 and see how that works.

FXO devices are for connecting PSTN to Freepbx. FXS devices are for connecting phones, faxes, etc as mpelchat stated.

yeah I kinda over looked the whole fxs fxo, for some reason I thought they were fxo/fxs ports. I was wrong.

Is there a SIP gateway people here prefer to use?

I like the Synway card series for FXO interfaces. Once you get the right DAHDI version installed, they “just work”.

Sangoma makes an FXO card that you can put into a server and connect it to a POTS line.

Either of these would be an excellent choice.

Failing that, there are several ATAs on the market that will give you an FXO port that you can connect to the system via Ethernet or USB (for example). I find that most of them give the appearance of a lot of power, but frankly for the money, I’d still recommend a PCI or PCI-X card in the server and plug it into the wall.

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