Using a USB RJ11 adapter with FreePBX

(Listerblack) #1

Hey all, I’m currently running FreePBX 14 and I’d like to add an analogue phone line as a trunk.

Would it be possible to do this using a USB to RJ 11 adapter?

Something like this:

Thanks for any help!

(Tom Ray) #2

Not that one. It’s a modem not a FXO/FXS adapter.


You can get a Chinese SPA(linksys/Cisco)3000 for $25 on eBay, they work fine. Both a trunk and an extension, (FXO/FXS you were imprecise as to what you really want)

(James Zhu) #4

You may check from sangoma or, but you have to make sure the driver current verson can support.

(Listerblack) #5

Thank you all for the suggestions! Now that you mention it, I think I might have an old SPA3000 somewhere, I’ll dive into the old electronics box.

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