Using a USB RJ11 adapter with FreePBX

Hey all, I’m currently running FreePBX 14 and I’d like to add an analogue phone line as a trunk.

Would it be possible to do this using a USB to RJ 11 adapter?

Something like this:

Thanks for any help!

Not that one. It’s a modem not a FXO/FXS adapter.

You can get a Chinese SPA(linksys/Cisco)3000 for $25 on eBay, they work fine. Both a trunk and an extension, (FXO/FXS you were imprecise as to what you really want)

You may check from sangoma or, but you have to make sure the driver current verson can support.

Thank you all for the suggestions! Now that you mention it, I think I might have an old SPA3000 somewhere, I’ll dive into the old electronics box.

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