User Web Page

I was wondering if there was a User Web i/f on FreePBX which allows an individual user to configure their own individual extension settings, but it doesn’t allow access to any other part of the PBX setup?

User control Panel

Thank you very much for a super speedy reply!

I’ve managed to install the necessary modules to allow me to run User Control Panel (ie User Management, Certificate Manager, and User Control Panel), and it all seems to be working fine, except in the User Control Panel I can only see options for adding Voicemail, RSS Feeds, and CDRs to my dashboard. I can’t seem to add a widget to allow me to control my phone (CW, CFD etc)

I think I have set the user up so they should be allowed to do this, but I still don’t see how the user can see the Extension settings?

What have I missed?!

you need to set permissions on the user associated with that extension

Admin > user management > > UCP

or set the group permissions the user belongs to admin > user management > groups

Thanks, but those had all been set.

I also had to install the modules for Call Fwd, Call Wait, Follow Me, DND etc. and then they appeared as widgets I could install.

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