User Web Interface for FreePBX

For those of you who may be familiar with Switchvox and the “Switchboard” web page that is available for individual users/extensions, I am wondering if there is something similar available in FreePBX. Especially as it concerns queues and the ability to log in to a queue via a web page and also view queue call activity in real time on the individual agent desktop. Sorry if this is obvious to some of you but I am just getting into FreePBX and have just installed the latest distro and am working through all of the menus, etc., to see what is and isn’t available/apparent. Thank you very much in advance for any replies.

Sure is, iSymphony is included with our distro. 2 Seats I think. More available in our online store.

Looks like just 1 seat but can’t get it to work. When I launch the iSymphony client, it just continually says tenant deactivated. Any thoughts?

Did you read the wiki on setting it up? Is the iSymphony server configured and running on your FreePBX machine?

Yes sir. Was up until after 1:00am going over it trying to figure out which little piece of the puzzle I was missing. Perhaps the fact that I am running the iSymphony client on a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.6.8 has something to do with it. Most of the settings make sense but am a little vague about the Location and Tenant settings. This is our first foray into FreePBX and iSymphony although we have Asterisk and Switchvox installations running at a few locations. Status says iSymphony is up on the FreePBX admin page and I have reloaded it several times. One other thing I find interesting is the port settings. Client port says 50000, Global Jabber says 5222 and Extension setting defaults to 5222. iSymphony client also defaults to 50000. I’ll keep hammering away at it. Thank you for your response.

What is the license term for the various iSymphony licensing components. Are they perpetual or are some of them x number of years? Thank You.