User Portal Wackyness

For some reason, my User Portal is misbehaving. I have EasyVoxBox installed, with FreePBX at version I can log into an extension, but any action on the page results in an instant return to the login. The action is not actually taken. For instance, I can select a voicemail and then click ‘delete’. I return to the login page, log back in and the voicemail has not been deleted.

Anybody ever noticed this kind of behavior before? Any ideas where to start tracking it down?


Not sure what you are asking. Are you logging into the ARI? Can you provide more detail?
I will try to reproduce it on my system.

It’s the Voicemail / Recordings tab in EVB which when reached from the FreePBX Recordings TAB, names the window “User Portal”. Is that ARI? Anyway, the problem occurs regardless of which way you get there. I can listen to the voicemail, but I can’t delete it. Actually, if I click on ANY link at the left (Settings, Feature Codes, whatever) I’m thrown back to the login screen.

I don’t think it is a problem with EVB. I installed EVB fresh, then moved over a FreePBX backup from a trixbox machine. There were a number of problems after the backup, but I seem to have them resolved, except for this problem. I’m sure something as obvious as this can’t be a distibution wide issue and is specific to my install.

I found this in the Asterisk Log. Extension 6900 is the affected extention:

db.c: Unable to find key ‘6900/vmx/unavail/state’ in family ‘AMPUSER’


Not being able to delete a file almost sounds like a permissions issue. I’ve not used EasyVoxBox so can’t be sure. But a backup and restore does use tar which backups and restores ownership and permissions so I’d start there.

Create a new temp extension create a VM account, call it and leave a message and see if the permissions are different then those that were restored. Ownership should be asterisk:asterisk unless EasyVoxBox does something different somehow.

Yeah I checked privilege first. Owner Asterisk, group Asterisk. No problems with read/write. Again though, it isn’t just the “delete” button that exhibits this weirdness. “Settings”, “Follow Me”, “Feature Codes”, “Phone Features”, “Call Monitor” … pretty much everything. If I click on any of these links, no action is taken and the browser takes me directly back to the login screen.

EVB doesn’t do anything special I don’t think. It just points you to the FreePBX User Portal from it’s admin page. And as I said, the same behavior occurs whether I reach the User Portal from the EVB “Voicemail” tab or the FreePBX “Recording” tab.

I’m an old embedded C guy so I don’t really know markup languages etc., but I’m guessing there is some directory with PHP files missing or without execute privilege or something like that.

Over on, I saw that someone else had the same symptoms after upgrading a trixbox machine from 1.2 to 2.0. She didn’t seem to get much help over there but at least I know that this is not a totally isolated incident and I bet something simple.

Is there a way to single step through a PHP script?


It is possible that when you upgraded your amportal.conf file is missing needed variables that didn’t exist in the earlier version.

When upgrading it will NOT replace the amportal.conf file if it exists, so take a look at the one provided when you upgraded.

It should be located at /usr/src/freepbx-2.3.1/amportal.conf assuming that you upgraded using the documentation provided on this site.

If not download it from this site and just unpack the code to find the file. (See download tab above).

Unable to duplicate the problem with a fresh EVB install on my test machine.
Checked the amportal.conf and it looks the same as the one in the FPBX distro.

I would suspect something with the restore that you did from the TB to EVB.

db.c: Unable to find key ‘6900/vmx/unavail/state’ in family 'AMPUSER’
be talking about a database key?

What version of FPBX was TB running that you made the backup from? There are some issues when you backup and restore between version of FPBX.

Take a look at the logs in /var/log/httpd and see if you can find anything about PHP complaining when the problem occurs.

I didn’t actually upgrade anything. I backed up a trixbox machine (from FPBX) and restored the data to a fresh EVB machine. Both installations of FPBX were at I think. I’ll look at the amportal.conf file though. Thanks for the suggestion.


Yeah, I suspect something is wedged in the database. I’m tempted to just smack the damn thing and start over. The only thing is that I went to a lot of trouble to setup the shares and copy a boat load of files over to the EVB machine. Hate to have to do that all over again.

Hey are you the EVB “guy”? If so I have tried to contact you a bunch of times. I wanted to offer to contribute if you were interested. I like the idea of EVB and could use a hobby.


I had the same problem. A quick view of the Apache error logs displayed that PHP was not able to write session data. I changed the session.save_path variable in php.ini to be /tmp and restarted Apache. That took care of the issue for me.

I’m having the same problem as Thunderheart.

I’m just getting started (total newbie) using FreePBX as pbx-in-a-flash. I have not yet succeded in creating voicemail. I am following a tutorial ( to create a follow me / VmX locater system, but I can’t access the user portal to finish configuring. I am not yet connected to a database and I’m working with a zoiper softphone, if that helps in any way.

I don’t know if it’s relevent, but I’m using the skype SipToSis proyect as an SIP provider. I updated freePBX the first time I accesed the web gui, as suggested in tutorials.

Any suggestions?

When I access /var/spool/asterisk/monitor I can see a recording: g201-…40.wav
Does this mean a message was recorded or is this a default recording. The name of the .wav is interesting since my extension number is 201.

After searching deep and finding small bits and pieces of information here and there I thought I’d share with everybody my resolution to the issue.

This issue is due to php session unable to create and maintain a scratch session file in /var/lib/php/session. I found files that should have been cleared out in /var/lib/php/session directory and removed them. I also changed permissions to 0775. It appears the permissions 0770 was incorrectly applied.

Came up on this problem again and found permissions seem to be set ok, but the scratch files existed from the day before. Removed them, but system didn’t start allowing me to work with ARI properly until I rebooted the phone system.