User Manager LDAP Authentication

I have installed FreePBX and have configured User Manager to connect to an LDAP server. FreePBX successfully queries the LDAP server and lists all users and groups from the LDAP server. I have configured a test user and the user’s group to allow all admin within FreePBX’s configuration with the expectation of being able to utilize the LDAP server to authenticate admin users for administering the FreePBX distro. To clarify, I only need User Manager to authenticate users to the LDAP server for purposes of administering FreePBX. I will not be authenticating clients to LDAP for phones to authenticate to FreePBX. Disappointingly, although I was able to have FreePBX successfully bind to the LDAP server and list users and groups, I get “Invalid Username or Password” upon login attempts to the Web UI. I have tried with the admin interface as well as the UC with no luck. I’m hoping there is something I’m overlooking or can do to check functionality and provide the features I need. None of the documentation I have found has indicated my processes as incorrect. I have also tried the login test with [username], [[email protected]], and [domain\username].

I’m wondering if you’re running into the same issue that I am. Are the users in a sub container that is not your base dn? Doing some traces on my ldap server I found that while the users’ information synchronizes correctly for users in a subtree, FreePBX will authenticate them as cn=user,o=basedn.

For example. I have a user bob. Bob is located cn=bob,ou=admins,ou=miami,o=company. In the user directory settings I have base dn as o=company, like every other ldap config we have. Bob’s information syncs correctly. Try to login as bob, my ldap server sees cn=bob,o=company. If I add ou=admins,ou=miami as the user dn then I can login just fine. So, something is incorrectly designed with how freepbx is handing subtree lookups.

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