User Manager - Can't locate way to add items

No add feature in user management ( Wiki mentions an “Add” button, none to be found under Users or Groups.

Change the drop down “All Directories”

Right from the wiki here:

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Hmm. Do not recognize “imported freepbx directory” as I have not imported any directories. What does the name imply?

That is the directory we auto created when you upgraded your system from a version before user man existed.

I think we can get away with “FreePBX Directory” vs “Imported FreePBX Directory” which makes it sound like something was imported.

But it was imported. We imported it on a upgrade from a system that did not support directories.

I’m not sure that’s the right way to do that, though. The “imported” tag is explicitly true, in that the system imported the old FreePBX Directory. Without the “imported” keyword, it might be misconstrued that the system still supports the old FreePBX Directory system (which is deprecated in the new implementation, right?)

How about something like “Master Directory” or “Default”. I am not sure how the entries are added needs to be reflected in the directory name unless the user desires and creates a custom one.

Also, I would suggest displaying the “Add” button for “All Directories” as well and, when selected, prompt to select the target directory. I think this will help users when they are not conversant with User Management’s functionality and wonder how to add items, like I was. This goes for Groups as well.

At the very minimum, include the “Add” button and grey it out for “All Directories” for a partial solution.

At a certain level, that is correct. If an old system was upgraded from a previous version that didn’t support directories, cool. But then there is the new installs or upgrading from a version (like a user going from a fresh install of 14 to 15 next) in which case none of their directories where “imported” from something else that didn’t support them.

So when I said that I was more referring to the scenario in this thread. A freshly installed system that has something labeled as “Imported” when nothing has in fact been imported. The “Imported” directory is actually the primary FreePBX directory.

Where do you see in the thread this was not a upgraded system and that it was new?

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