User management - Not able to create new one


I have freepbx 14.0.11. I needed this morning to add a new user. I so used User management to do so. When I clicked on password field or if I try to submit (when login name field is populated), the page crashed. I can update existing user. I tried to find an error in error log but without success. Any idea on what could be the reason of this crash? is there a way to create user with command line?

Thx in advance!

This may be due to queue wallboard. Are you able to resolve with:

 fwconsole ma disable queuestats

Thx for your response. When trying the suggested command, I got:

The following error(s) occured:
 - Specified module not found

Any other idea? It’s quite blocking as issue … :frowning_face:

Please share the error screen shot

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