User Management - "Directory for this user is currently locked"

I have a directory I set up as a Microsoft Active Directory. We’ve got the stuff set up to grab the details from there, that part works okay.

I am trying to figure out though on setting the users up with UCP. When looking at where I can set the log in details, there’s a bar at the top:


I’m not sure what updates it’s talking about, is anyone familiar with this? I did try using one of the usernames at the UCP log in page and then the “forgot password” link. I reset it but it then says they’re invalid credentials.

Incidentally, it sends the reset email fine (though oddly the expiration time is very quick - I got one of the reset emails pretty quickly at 4:10 p.m., but it said the request is valid until 4:10:15 p.m., not a lot of time - could that be going off a different time for some reason? Is there a place to set how long the requests are valid for?

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