User Logon and Logoff

Hello All,

in my understanding is when User Logoff then it meant the user is not ready to accept inbound call and Logon meant the user is ready to accept inbound call…(pls correct me if I’m wrong)

I am using Asterisk 1.8.3 (FreePBX 2.9.0)…
I have configured Features Code: *12 for logoff and *11 for logon …

but it doesnot work… I meant … the Extension is still accepting inbound call after *12

what I missed?

please help

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There is user/ext logout and login and this is primarily done with the Aastra XML and IP Phones.

Then there is agent login and logout. This is used to log agents in and out of queues.

So, are are you using Aastra’s ?

I dont know about the feature codes but i use something like this.

in your extensions_custom.conf add something like this.

[Agent login]
exten => 556,1,AgentLogin()

when somebody is ready to log into a queue let them dial 556

just remember to create a member in agents.conf

hi… thanks, the AgentLogin works…but how to AgentLogoff?

I tried below:

exten = _556,1,AgentLogin()
exten = _557,1,AgentLogoff()

to logoff 557 … but it does not work?

thanks & regards

please help