User Interface Issue

I’m running Trixbox 2.2.3 with FreePBX with all modules updated. When using the IVR module, if I click the Increase Options button, the browser contacts the server and refreshes the screen. However, the refreshed version is completely blank. When I view the source of this page, I get absolutely nothing. Using the browser’s Back button, it returns me to the previous page (without the added option) and now shows the Apply Configuration Changes banner across the top of the page. This same behavior occurs if I simply make a change to a setting on an IVR and click Save. Same blank screen, same empty source code, same behavior with the back button. Yet, when I use the Back button, the changes are intact and clicking the Apply Config Changes banner, the changes are applied as expected. I’ve verified identical behaviors with both IE7 and Firefox.

The URL of the offending page is:

and the resultant (blank) URL is:

(same URL… I know…)

Wow. After beginning this thread, I’ve tested other modules with identical results. So far, I can confirm that any module that uses config.php (as referenced in the URL above) exhibits the same behavior.

I’m tempted to format the box and repopulate with my backed up configs. But, I’m in hopes that there is a simpler fix.

Try boosting your memory allocation for php to 32M by editing php.ini. Look for ‘memory.’

This is usually the cause of php app blank pages (never happened to me with FreePBX, but with other apps.)

Thanks for your suggestion. I checked the php.ini file and it was already set at 64M.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Thanks again.

Still having this problem…

A bit more testing reveals that this issue isn’t related to my server. I used the backup utility to migrate my entire config to a fresh install that I launched in a VM environment. After restoring my configs (everything, actually) to the test platform, the behavior followed! This leads me to believe that there is something with my configs that is causing this.

Can anyone help me with what I should do next in order to further troubleshoot this issue?

I hired the developers to have a look at this issue. Philippe determined that it was a third-party module that was causing my problem. Specifically, the “Extension Config” module (extcfg) caused the issue and after he disabled it, the problem disappeared.

Thanks, Philippe!

I am also experiencing this problem, and it’s freaking annoying. I need to know how to disable the “Extension Config” module so i can resolve this issue.

Also, do you know what this module is used for and what was effected when you disabled it?


I have the same problem. I cant find the “Extension Config” module. How can i disable it?