User & Devices Mode disappered in FreePBX Stable-3.211.63-7?

Following the instructions here:

I do NOT see the “User & Devices Mode” option under “Advanced Settings”. I did see it in 2.x stream. Am I missing something!?



I just looked and I see it just fine.

I did a clean, default FreeBPX ISO install on a Proxmox KVM (where I have at least a dozen other Asterisk/freepbx’s running just fine), logged into the web interface, created my login, then went to the command line and downloaded the -7 update script. Ran it (no obvious errors), rebooted, logged in and the advanced details section is gone:

and the system settings section is missing all kinds of stuff, including User & Devices mode:

My pre-upgrade install is fine:

Advanced Settings Detail section:

System Setup section:

Are there some log files I should check for errors. Clearly the admin panel is having issues and not displaying everything it should in my case.