User & Devices for shared extensions among several devices?

This is my first post here so be easy on me. I have a client I want to move away from an old pots phone system to SIP phones and a asterisk pbx. I have a test system set up with 4 Yealink sip phones and freepbx server. The client is in sales and wants similar functionality to his old system.

What I wish to accomplish is having 4 SIP phones scattered at various locations on the showfloor. Each sip shall display “LINE 1 - 4” I would like to have a sales rep be able to pick up a phone on say "LINE 1"anywhere, place the call on hold to walk to anther location in the store the pick it up off “LINE 1” to resume communication. While this “LINE 1” is occupied I dont want any other phone to pick up on this line and show it is “in use” so if another sales person picks up a phone it will automatically choose the next available line eg “LINE 2”

So far what I have done to accomplish this is to convert to User & Devices mode. On each sip phone create 4 unique device ID’s for a total of 16 devices (1000 - 1016) registered in FreePBX, then create 4 users (100 - 104) each devices has the same 4 users registered to the corresponding device id for each “LINE”.

Hope you are following me haha

This woks with the exception of showing that a “LINE” is in use. I pick up “LINE 1” call a number place on hold yet none of the other extensions show The call on hold nor that a call is on hold except on the device I originally conducted the call.

Anyone have any recommendations on how I can get this functionality? Ive searched and searched but cam up with nothing. There has to be someone else out there that has done this.

Please help if you can and Thanks for any help Is provided

Device and user model never really worked and is being depreciated.

Do a little research on call parking.

Thanks but im not sure this is what im looking for

There is no way for you to have a call ring multiple phones, then phone A picks it up and puts it on hold so that phone B can take the call. That is called SLA (shared line apperance) which asterisk does not support.

You have other options:
-Call rings all phones. Phone A can put the call on hold or into a parking lot. Phone B can pick the call up from the parking lot only! You can see if Phone A is on the phone from Phone B by setting up BLFs
-Call goes Directly into a parking lot, change the functionality of the “lines” of said phones so that line 1 - 4 are actually BLFs of the parking lots (parking lot 1 - 4). Then teach the users that if they want another phone to pickup the call they put it into the parking lot instead of placing it on hold. Then Phone B would see a “client” sitting in the parking lot because the BLF of line 1 would turn red. Then they can hit the line 1 button so that it will pickup the call in the parking lot.

The end user will not know the difference between being placed on hold or in a parking lot.