User create extensions

Friends, is it possible to leave it free for the user to create their own extensions? Regards

Of course, give him or her the root password, :grin:

In User Management, you can enable admin login for individual users and can set which modules the user has access to when they login.

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the REST API is pretty simple, you should Also be able to build a janky-ass angular site with the 6 textbox inputs you need, and have That create extensions.

(I have done this in the past)

Does REST API works?
Seems kinda deprecated to me and outdated for sure.

sorry, not Rest… this is GraphQL (but nobody honestly cares):

HTTP POST to the graphql endpoint (from your API page), with a valid oauth token:


    input: {
        extensionId: "1234"
        name: "Stephen LastNameHere"
        tech: "pjsip"
        outboundCid: ""
        email: "[email protected]"
        umEnable: false
        vmPassword: "6245"
        vmEnable: true
        maxContacts: "4"

reference: Core Module GraphQL APIs - PBX GUI - Documentation

but yeah. get an oauth token from your user/password, and send an HTTP Post to the graphql API endpoint

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