User Control Panel Issues

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to remotely support a user that quite religously uses UCP to check voicemails, but has occasional issues with the phone itself not ringing the voicemail play call.

It feels very much like a network issue to me, but driving to this site (about 10 hours away) is not really feasible.

Does anyone have any ideas how i should proceed?

What is the question actually? How to connect to the user to view his screen remotely?

If you are both on Windows you could use the built in Quick Assist tool.

Sorry if i wasn’t clear. When the user hits the “listen to voicemail” → Handset icon.

and then selects play to his handset


It does not ring his phone then sends his voicemail to voicemail.

Ive confirmed his statuses are fine, ( not DND or anything like that)… and so i am lost.

It must be a network issue, right?

You’ll need to provide some asterisk logs to see what happens when he tries to dial his VM from UCP.

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