User Control Panel error after restoring FreePBX13 backup set to FreePBX15

(Ivana72) #1

When selecting UCP exception error is thrown showing:
please ask for a valid directory


    public function getAllUsers($directory=null) {
        if(!empty($directory)) {
            $users = $this->directories[$directory]->getAllUsers();
        } else {
            $users = $this->globalDirectory->getAllUsers();
        return $users;
    * Get All Groups
    * Get a List of all User Manager users and their data
    * @return array
    public function getAllGroups($directory=null) {
        if (!empty($directory) && empty($this->directories[$directory])) {
            throw new Exception("Please ask for a valid directory");
        if(!empty($directory)) {
            $groups = $this->directories[$directory]->getAllGroups();
        } else {
            $groups = $this->globalDirectory->getAllGroups();
        return $groups;
    /** Get Default Groups
     * Get a list of all default groups

If I delete the Directory and recreate probably all stored user passwords and access rights will be erased. This is a 180+ users system. Any suggestion to fix the issue without deleting the directory and all user’s group? Already did UCP and User Manager re-install.

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #2

I have found that by disabling the Oracle module and the Sangoma Property Manager module, it will allow you to open the UCP. This is only a work around through

(Ivana72) #3

Thanks, that was a good tip. I reinstalled both and UCP is working now. Do you know what Oracle Connector is for?

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #4

From the sounds of it, it seems like its an add on for the Property Management add on with an Oracle Server (Fidelio).

(Ivana72) #5

interesting…I’ve been upgrading multiple systems from 13 to 15 using backup set and this is the first time when UCP did not work. It was a workaround but it actually fixed the issue.

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #6

Weird. I’ve done this thing to about 9 other machines, and everyone had this issue with the UCP.

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