User config keeps getting overwritten

I have made modifications to the /etc/asterisk/prosody_groups.txt file to add “Common Names” for each user and segregate users into groups dependent upon the team they are in. The file seems to be reverting to its original format and not retaining any of the changes that I have made. Also I am curious where the syntax is to add users to this file so we can make minor modifications to add the Common Name (which is equal to the Name column from the asterisk.users table). I attempted to preview the xmpp_auth.php but it is compiled.

This file is overwritten by the module and does not support external modification

So what is the solution for my issue?

feature request

James - Great suggestion but this was done “by me” on the 30th of April of Last year and still no traction. I have gone through this same process once before and Sangoma won’t let me make my own changes and obviously doesn’t care about my request. If you want to check yourself it is FC-92. Thanks again for the help.

This is in FreePBX Contributed which we don’t monitor. That is for contributed modules managed by external developers. That is why your request hasn’t gotten any traction, it was never seen.

I have moved the issue to:
It will make the next triage. Note we are not adding features/improvements to 13 so this will likely target into 14 when triaged.

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Not sure what you mean by this? Please explain.

the file he is changing, we overwrite. I am not sure it supports “includes”

When I modify the prosody_groups.txt file it is overwritten by what I presume is “xmpp_auth.php”. This is a compiled file that I am not able to view/modify the code of to prevent the changing of the groups file or preferable pull the display name and append to the user as a common name.