User and device mode guide

I have user and device mode activated in freepbx and noticed the following:

  1. only user to user internal calls are allowed, I can’t call to a device, nor can I dial from a device without logging in first.
  2. ringgroups only allow adding of users, not devices.

Can anyone confirm if this is correct? If not, how can I enable calls to and from unlogged devices?

By the way, where can I learn more about user and device mode?

This link seems to be broken, always forwards to the main modules home:

User & device mode has been depreciated and is really no longer supported.

Ok, thanks.

If it’s deprecated, how does the freepbx implement dynamic agents now?
Is there a free/paid commercial module out there?

What do dynamic agents have to do with device and user mode? An agent would always have to be a user, no? Devices are generally not sentient enough to handle client’s needs.

@dicko Ok, sorry for the confusion, I misinterpreted the term in

Let me change the question: is there a module in freepbx (free or commercial) that provides user authentication (with unique passwords for each user) over the phone? And successful authentication binds the user to the phone (cdr records will show which user the call belonged to) and join queues automatically?

@alan why is user and device mode deprecated? was it in the release notes? What’s the alternative to user and device mode in the next version?

You can use device and user mode for that, but bind the user and not the device to your queues, but, as has been stated repeatedly here and elsewhere, device and user mode , at least in FreePBX, is basically horribly broken in many places and will not be fixed any time soon.