Use Sys Admin Pro to update Asterisk, or need to use yum + CLI?

Due to random crashes caused by a bug in Asterisk res_hep_rtcp I need to update Asterisk.

Is version 13.1.0 going to be available in System Admin Pro? or is this not the point of SysAdmin and so therefore I must use yum at CLI to update Asterisk? I would rather stay in the FreePBX ecosystem if possible and thought this was the point of the SysAdmin module. My deploy is supposedly “up to date” FreePBX version 12.0.27, but Asterisk core 13.0.2 is outdated. As Bryan pointed out, v13.1.0 was pushed to the repo at the end of Dec 2014.

How does the life cycle work? I guess not all updates are pushed through SysAdmin and must be applied manually, correct?

Asterisk would only be automatically updated if there was a new distro upgrade script out. Of which there is not. We do not release a distro upgrade script every time a new version of Asterisk comes out mainly because of time constraints and it would really cause a mess of the upgrade scripts.

If you use “yum” you are still in the FreePBX ecosystem since you are using our repos.

Understood. Thank you for clarifying.