Use Opus codec possible?

Hi Freepbx,

We have found some information about the ‘relative new’ Opus codec.
This can be a good open-source replacement for g729, because it deals very good with high latency and packet loss (even till 30% packetloss).
Some call it ‘the all in one codec for the future’

Now I am having some troubles finding how I can compile this codec ino Asterisk. There is some documentation about a Asterisk Opus Patch, but that is related to Asterisk 11.1.2.

Does anyone know more about this codec or how to compile it into Asterisk?
Some information about Opus:
Any help is welcome.

For legal reasons mainly GPL violations this has not been included. Please see I highly suggest you not get yourself into legal issues by trying to include opus.

Thank you for the info.
Thats a pitty.
I will drop the search for Opus and Asterisk.
Ik hope it will ever be legal, because it sounds like a great codec.

Just to follow up I talked to a member of the Asterisk dev team since that email was over a year old. The concerns have not been resolved and that email does reflect the current status of things.

This is changing in Asterisk 14.

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