Use Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter, time receiving singnals (tut tut) too long

Hi eveybody.

Now, I using Asterisk FreePBX for my system. I have the landlines and I want to use them to make a call through PBX of me. So, I used Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter but I have a problem as follows: when I use a landline to make a normal call, the time for receiving singnals (tut tut…) from the phone that is called is 2-3 seconds. But when I use Linksys PAP2 Phone Apdater to change the landline to IP Phone and make a call through Asterisk FreePBX, this time is 7-8 seconds and longer. Can you help me how to reduce this time, please?

Sorry for my english rather bad. Thanks for reading!

It is not clear to me what your set up is. I think you are saying that you have a freepbx, are you using a voip trunk? when you say “I have the landlines” do you mean that you have ordinary analogue phones that you connect to the freepbx via a linksys PAP2.

perhaps the PAP2 doesn’t know that you have finished dialling and is waiting for more digits, after a few seconds it stops waiting and dial’s. I think you can tell it that you have finished dialling by putting a # at the end of the number you want to dial.

if you look at the asterisk CLI dialog whilst making a call you may be able to work out where your delay comes from.

Hope this helps.