Use LDAP Credentials for SIP connection


is it possible to use the user credentials as sip credentials as well? We get the user authentication via LDAP connection and would like to use these LDAP credentials for the SIP connection too.
Of course not by manually copying them, but dependently.

Any integrated function for this (I didn’t find one) or any Plugin?

Thank You.

Sure, but you need to use Sangoma Phone (desktop edition)
User Manager → Directory—>ADD

He doesn’t mean use them as a directory, he means populate the PJSIP configuration with a password and authentication user taken from LDAP.

Ok, that’s not the same…at the moment the sip account can’t be populated with the LDAP password, but still your users can use their account (LDAP user and password) to login to the softhphone. Honestly I find it safer, the users can only use the phone approved by the IT team (sangoma Desktop for example) they use LDAP username and password and don’t know the real sip credentials

Ok, thank you for the answer, although it is not a good message.

Any special soft phone is no solution. Standards like SIP exist for a reason. We want to use any standard sip device, for instance the integrated one in Android. We have no use or need to bind ourselves to something special.

Sad, that a user needs two different credentials on the same system.

Well consider that ldap authentication passes the requests to the ldap server and does not create a duplicate password…this also happens in other systems, like say you use Google Account to login and the upstream system creates a copy of the password of Google…there would be a big security problem. Also, ldpa passwords are encrypted, so one would have to decrypt the passwords and a Pabx admin could read them in cleartext…still not good for users. Many software, not only Sangoma Desktop use Ldap for login, but sip credentials are managed for softphone provisioning which will always work with sip protocol, but the authentication part will be ldap or any other system

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