Use internally without a sip provider

I have searched and can not find anything on using this internally. I don’t want to use a sip provider. Can I not just set this up as a internal server, have extensions to have internal communications?

I setup extensions, do I need to setup a trunk still? Everything I see shows me connecting to a provider.

Any guidance is appreciated.


Ok. I followed instructions on setting up extension, must be doing something wrong then. I will re-review everything.

Do I still need to creat a trunk though?

You basically don’t set up any any outbound routes. With any switch I’ve built, I make sure I can call from extension to extension before even connecting it up to the outside world.

Thanks Bill.

Now, where can I find documentation on how to go about doing that? Everything I find shows how to only connect to the outside world.

Thanks again

You can set up a system without any connection to the outside world.