Use FreePBX as T38 to T30 gateway


Is it possible to use FreePBX as T38/T30 gateway?

We have SIP server that requires t38, however our SIP provider doesn’t support T38. It can only support faxing using G711/T30.

ATA–> softswitch—>T38–>FreePBX—>G711/T30—> SIP Provider.

I tried this once a couple of years ago and could not make it work reliably. The success rate was about 60%, which is way below the comfort level of most customers.

You might want to explore a “store and forward” solution using hylafax and t38modems (which also does T30 over g711).

Gatewaying t38 to g711directly is fraught with problems and would likely fail at a high rate , hylafax will repeatedly try resending faxes starting at the first failed page, effectively send all your faxes from your ATA to a t38modem on your hylafax server and with a little scripting you can can re-queue and reroute received faxes to your final destination over your g711over SIP fax service.

(No Asterisk needed)