Use existing Asterisk as temporary SIP provider?

We have a nine year old Asterisk PBX which shall eventually be replaced by a FreePBX system.
Looking for a “soft” migration path, we were wondering if it might be possible to temporarily use the old PBX as a SIP server for FreePBX.
In this way, we could move over one phone after the other, test elaborately and finally move over inbound/outbound routes to retire the old Asterisk system.
Could this make sense, and if: where to find details about such a configuration? Or does it sound like a rather silly newbie idea?

You can make an IAX2 trunk betweenthem and handle call routing appropriately.

Is this a pure asterisk server? Because the conversion tool can migrate Elastix and PBXinaFlash

@PitzKey Yex, it’s a pure Asterisk (2.6.26, from 2009 - as far as I can see)
@sorvani Thanks, I’ll take a closer look at that!

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