Use CentOS yum repository instead of Sangoma?

I’m concerned because the FreePBX distro hasn’t seen underlying OS updates for a long time now; it may be two years, I’m not sure. I was wondering if anybody has tried changing the FreePBX Distro yum repositories to something else like CentOS and using it for updates? I haven’t tried it yet and will try it on a test VM, but I was wondering what that will break. We are using some of the commercial modules.

I see that there is a CentOS-Sources.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d, but when I do a yum update I’m not getting core OS updates like I was in FreePBX 14 days. I’m assuming that if there were core OS updates they would come from the Sangoma repos unless I change the yum configs.

SNG-7 uses several custom packages and is not a simple upstream clone. Switching repos will likely break things in an extraordinary fashion.

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