Use calender to set call forwarding


We have about 10 collegues who must be reachable on their mobile phone
after closing hours. Every day another collegue is “on duty” . We have made
10 BLF keys with 10 different call flow controls an that is working fine. At the
end of the day one BLF key is pressed and all calls are being transfered to
the misc destination that contains the mobile phone number of this collegue.

But, we want some automation.

Is it possible to montly fill a calender that does this trick so we can make a
montly schedule of “collegues on duty” ?

Gr. Bart.

you start with an inbound route, which points to a
call-flow-control switch (if needed), which points to a
time-condition (e.g. for holidays), which on match points to the answering machine otherwise points to a
time-condition with office hours (Mo-Fr), which on match points to the IVR otherwise to a
time-condition (out-of-office), which does the forwarding to a mobile phone…you need 10 in a series…

A time-condition can be controlled by a calendar or a time group.
If I understood you correctly, you have 10 colleagues with mobile phones and want to forward the calls on day1 to colleague 1, on day 2 to colleague 2 etc…

A time-condition controlled by a calendar can only do an on-off job…so you would need 10 time-conditions controlled by 10 calendars to do the job! In the calendars you define an event starting at 18:00h and lasting til 7:59h on the next day…and repeat it every 10 days.

I have implemented an automated switch for oncall using calendars, for a group of 8 people. Since the calendar is an on-off function, as explained in the previous post, what I did it was to create 8 different calendars, one for each of the 8 oncall persons, each calendar reflect the days that the particular person is on call and created a cascaded time-condition flow, which checks each calendar if the time is “after hours”
So, a call reaches the PBX, first time condition checks if time is “business open”. If that checks is not true, that time condition goes to the first calendar. This time condition checks for the first calendar, if it checks true it goes to the first oncall, if false goes to the second calendar and so on. Obviously this methodology doesn’t scale well at all, but I guess a more streamlined solution would require some coding.

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