Use an external phone via SSH tunnel (home office)

I have FreePBX 15 running and everything works fine.
The server is visible in the internal network, only and a Firewall is configured to allow some UDP ports from outside for RTP packets from our telecom provider.

Now I need to connect a phone from a home office to our server. My idea is to use TCP-SIP instead of UDP from that phone and to route the TCP traffic via SSH tunnel.

I’d like to ask if this setup is a good idea or is there a better way?
Any thoughts or suggestions?



Unless you run the SSH tunnel on your router, a better way would be to setup a VPN connection between your phone and FreePBX.
If your phone has an OpenVPN cliente embedded, you can go that way, or run a site-to-site VPN between your main office and your home office.
I’m running a site-to-site IPSEC VPN between my office and my home with pFsense in the office and mikrotik at home.

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